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Hidden Cache Treasure Hunt for Couples

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

This treasure hunt for couples is going to be the perfect addition to your Valentine's Day this year. It is a simple experience to create and will have your partner reliving some of your best memories together. Of course, if you don't feel like creating a treasure hunt you can play my Date Night Game.

First up I am going to tell you how you can create a fun Valentine's Day experience for your partner that is:

- Cheap

- Easy to Setup

- Easy to solve, but fun.

And so you know, I am actually making this for MY partner (shh don't tell). I will edit to add photos afterwards.


You will leave them a note to begin, a list containing important information, and what to wear. This information will get them excited to do the adventure because they have a rough idea of what to expect.

How it works.

You are going to lead your partner on a journey down memory lane. They will visit 3 - 5 locations around your home that represent and contain fun/sentimental memories. They will guide your partner to each location to discover another clue to the next location. The final location will have you waiting for them to share a meal or sweet together.

Step 1

Remember the good times. Write down 5 memories that happened near to where you live (or where you want the treasure hunt to take place). Tell the story and be cute about it. The more personalised the better.

Step 2

Start at the End. Locate a nearby restaurant, coffee shop, bar, or picnic spot to be your end destination. Now you have your map. Make sure the area is not going to take longer than 45 minutes to traverse. Having them drive around is ok but people tend to get bored at around the 60-minute mark. So don't make the path they have to take too difficult. Ideally, you want your treasure hunt to go in sequence to your final destination.

Step 3

Scout the memories. A few days before the treasure hunt you are going to visit each location and take a photograph of a hidden spot there. This is where you are going to hide your cache containing a clue and the photo of the next destination.

Step 4

Print each photo. This can be done at home, a local print shop, or Officeworks for real cheap ($0.10 a photo).

Step 5

Write your clues. Each clue should recount a fond memory. Start with "Remember when" and recount the story. Finish the clue with "head there to find the next clue". Include the photograph of the hidden spot.

Step 6

Be Waiting at the End. Stand or hide there with a box of chocolates looking your best!


This is a really simple treasure hunt that requires only a little bit of setting up. Of course you will have to visit each location twice so don't make it too difficult. The thrill is in the chase, not the challenge. Make it fun, keep it cute, and always stay in contact in case things don't go as planned.

If you decide to do this experience then please tell me all about it. Tag me on my social media @thepuzzledmaker. Good luck and happy hunting!

- The Puzzlemaker

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