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Why Puzzlemaker?

I want to see you embrace your reality with surprise, awe, play, imagination, and wonder

For any of you playing at home you'll recognise that I use to operate this business under the name The Brisbane Treasure Hunt Society. Until recently, when I decided to rebrand as The Puzzlemaker.


Going Solo

I'd always intended the BTHS to be a real life not-so-secret society. I wanted to run weekly meetings, workshops, events, and experiences that would promise to build a community. I had grand aspirations for the secret society. But, I am not a community builder. After 18 months of self made promises to start meetups and run workshops I continued to not do that.

After some self reflection over the new year and some "letting go" I realised that a community builder is not who I am. I am a solo agent.

I really enjoy my private time, I enjoy working alone, I enjoy creating every element from start to finish and I have no real desire to create a team to help me. My scope and scale for growth is imposed by my own personal limits. I do not want to build a corporation, an empire, a behemoth company that employs people. I just want to tinker away in my workshop making puzzles, I want to create immersive theatre, and I want to design experiences.

So I decided to go solo. To put my energy into becoming the best immersive experience designer I could be.

Moving On

This felt like the right fit. You see, I don't want to bring you into my world and have you help me build out my vision what I want is to see you embrace your reality with surprise, awe, play, imagination, and wonder. I want to provide you with an experience. Make you feel like a child again. I want to make you feel special and loved and experiencing awe, wonder, and insight.

I can work to create these experiences and I am super excited to collaborate with my friends and business partners to make this happen.

But at the end of the day I want to go into my workshop, and create that experience for myself, by myself, so I can share it with you.

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