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January - Week 2 - 2020

The Weekly Update

This week had its highs and lows. It was mostly a very positive week as I continued to learn about how t o manage and operate in the world of Facebook Ads.

It can be discouraging to experiment in the Facebook ads world I have found. I know I have a product (The Date Night Treasure Hunt) that is at least half decent, (better than some, not as good as others) and worthy of creating a constant flow of downloads via correctly using the Facebook Ads platform.

Well, it is not going as smoothly as I had hoped. The more I learned, the more I realise how particular, expensive, and bureaucratic the process is. I had initially thought (naively) that it would be possible to place an ad and then match that ad spend per day with 1 download per day. That was all I was hoping for. 1 download per day.

I have since discovered the following:

  1. Facebook ads is a complex and experimental process that involves testing, iterating, testing, iterating, modifying, testing, and iterating.

  2. Targeting demographics is one of the most important things to do. But unless the ad content, and settings are on point it is very difficult to know why the product isn't selling

  3. Facebook will remove ads that don't contradict their policies and reviewing them seems futile. Best to just avoid any triggering words like Wine or Dating.

  4. Running a Facebook ad will trigger many many many Facebook ads to market to you. My news feed is now flooded with "Do YOU want to make MILLIONS on marketing?". I found it depressing to be advertised to by millionaires claiming they knew simple secrets to marketing success they were willing to share with me for oh so little money.

  5. Don't get too caught up in it all.

All in all I discovered that I am very personally attached to sales of my product and that my expectations were not realistic. To make myself feel better I continued to research my perceived "failings" and believe I have learnt enough to not go backwards.


This Week!

Moving forward. This week I will be focusing on generating real life business with local retailers whom I share a customer base with.

I am reaching out to bride and wedding retailers, marriage counsellors, and small business supporters to stock my physical version of the Date Night Game in their stores.

I have missed out on the Valentines Day push for the past 3 years. But this year I am determined to get it right.

While Facebook Ads were getting me down reaching out to real life person was a nice antidote. I do love selling in the physical world and having personal moments with clients, customers, and collaborators. I am headed back toward a market stall and this has been a boost in that direction.


SCOOP - Ice Cream Festival

Anna and I also went to an Ice Cream festival on the weekend where I ate way too many donuts and we both enjoyed the perfect amount of ice-cream.

It also reminded me of the local arts hub HOTA (Home of the Arts) would be a fantastic organisation to get more roving work as the zany "Puzzlemaker" character with his strange locked boxes.

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