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canary island hints

Below is a hint system designed to help you solve the puzzles of the Canary Island Mystery.


Each location contains only one hint, so explore with caution.


The hint is NOT the answer but will instruct you on how to find the answer.

If you feel a question has not been answered please email

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Main Map.png
    Please read the Mystery Puffs box carefully before beginning. If you are unsure of what to do we recommend that you go back to the box and read the instructions again. Read EVERYTHING on the box. Then if you are still unsure we recommend reading the white text on the top left hand corner of the map. We know this may sound redundant but a fresh glance at the instructions, in a moment of confusion, may give you just the answer you're looking for. The following hints will instruct you on how to solve the puzzle for each location. READ AT YOUR OWN CAUTION
  • The Lighthouse
    The text in white is the key to solving the 9 line numerical code in the Lighthouse envelope. Using the pages of Cat's Cradle solve for each line to reveal 9 letters. Page 117 Line 19 Word 2 Letter 1 = M
  • Envelopes
    Open the envelope marked Start Here first. It is not essential that each envelope is opened sequentially, the game will not break. BUT if you would like to get the most out of the game we recommend following the order supplied. Each envelope will contain a Venn diagram puzzle with a question mark at its centre. To decipher which envelope to open after you have completed a location puzzle solve for "?" by deducing what symbol on the remaining envelopes meets the requirements of the Venn diagram. For example, a tiger is not a lovable pet, a bird is not cold blooded, and dogs do not lay eggs. There is only one correct answer per envelope puzzle.
  • Old Well
    Solve the maze by drawing a line from the top continuously to the bottom. Note each letter you pass as you go. The key in the image above (MAZE = LZYD) is a key for a Caesar (or shifting) cipher. In this particular code, the letters have been shifted one space back in the alphabet. To decipher the text in the maze write the next letter in the alphabet that follows it. Remember: In the image above the CIPHERED text is on the bottom, the DECIPHERED text is on the top. For example: L (ciphered text) = M (deciphered text) The maze contains the CIPHERED text. The answer will spell a 6 letter word
  • Shipwreck
    The white clue in the image above is an instruction on what to do with the paper found in the Shipwreck envelope. To solve this you will need to modify the piece of paper in a permanent way. The answer is revealed in the presence of water. The revealed answer is a 5 letter word
  • Graveyard
    The clue in white near the Graveyard on the map is telling you which names to look at on the Gravesite list and within what year range. For example: John Smith = JH The answer will reveal a 5 letter word.
  • Research Facility
    Step 1: Solve the logic puzzle using the instructions on how to successfully transmute conscious and order the components accordingly. By following each instruction you should be able to order each component vertically. Step 2: The next step will involve manipulating the map itself to reveal an instruction. Step 3 Locate two sets of half circles in the lower section of the map. Fold the map in such a way as to rejoin each half circle to create two whole circles. Reading the modified text will reveal an instruction The answer will reveal a 5 letter word signifying the position of one of the components of the machine.
  • The Temple
    Similiar to The Lighthouse puzzle use the key to locate letters within the text. For example (1 - 1 - 1) = O Step 2 You will notice the letters are grouped within brackets and separated by commas. To decode this use the left hand cipher wheel on the temple chamber inscriptions. Decode the inner ringed letters into the outer ringed numbers. For example: II = 2 Step 3 Convert the numbers into letters using the decoder ring on the left hand side of the temple chamber inscription. For example: 2 = B The answer will reveal an 8 letter phrase
  • Underground
    Using a coin or key scratch the blackened area to reveal an instruction.
  • Inside the bottle
    Contents: Miniature Shovel Transparent Overlay Step 1: Align the overlay so that the underground network follows the main road lines on the map. You will notice that some letters will align directly with locations. Trace a route following the instructions on the overlay and note the letters you pass as you go. The answer will reveal a 9 letter word The shovel will be used after the border has been decoded
  • Finding the Submarine HINT 1
    Solve the puzzle from each envelope (including the bottle) to reveal an instruction on how to decode the map border Fill in the answers on the Mystery Puffs box in the space provided (pictured left).
  • Finding the Submarine HINT 2
    The phrase revealed by solving each puzzle will be as follows: START AT X (Temple) COUNT (Graveyard) BACKWARDS (Underground) EVERY (Shipwreck) FOURTH (Research Facility) LETTER (Well) MAP BORDER (Lighthouse) This is the instruction you must follow to find the submarine. The shovel will help you once you have deciphered the map border
  • Finding the Submarine HINT 3
    Once you have deciphered the message on the map border you will know where to dig. You will have to permanently modify the map in order to discover the submarine. Use the shovel (or lightly cut with a knife) to "dig" beneath the surface of the map. Doing this in the correct location will reveal the Submarine
  • Completing the Game
    By discovering the submarine you will reveal a final instruction. This final instruction will tell you what to do to complete the game. You will know if you have successfully completed the game because you will discover the identity of "Persephone" and your reward.

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